Single-blade versus multi-blade razors: which one to choose?

Single-blade versus multi-blade razors: which one to choose?

Each option has distinct advantages as well as a few disadvantages, creating a competition between flexibility and simplicity. Let's explore the features of these two types of shavers to help you make the choice that is right for you. 

single-blade razors

Single-blade shavers, also known as safety shavers or shavettes, have a single double-edged blade. This single blade cuts the hair in a single pass close to the skin.


Precision and control

These shavers offer greater control to achieve a clean, precise finish. This flexibility is particularly useful for outlining beards and trimming moustaches, which is difficult to achieve with modern multi-blade shavers.

So it's easy to concentrate on details and angles, and make a precise cut without the risk of nicking the skin or missing a line.

Less irritation

The main reason for this reduction in irritation is that a single-blade razor requires fewer strokes to achieve a clean shave. Fewer strokes mean less friction and pressure on the skin, which reduces the risk of razor burns. For people with sensitive skin, this feature is particularly beneficial, as it minimises redness and post-shave discomfort.

The single-blade shaver also provides better management of the pressure applied to the skin. The user can adjust the pressure moderately, avoiding pressing too hard, which is often a cause of irritation. Also, the design of these shavers allows them to follow the natural contours of the face with greater precision, avoiding cuts.


Difficulty of use

The main challenge with single-blade razors is the technique required to use them correctly. Unlike modern multi-blade razors, which are often designed to be intuitive and easy to use, single-blade razors require a certain amount of skill and regular practice to get the perfect shave. Movements should be smooth and even, and it's important to let the weight of the razor do the work rather than pressing down hard. For novices, these techniques can take time to master, which can lead to cuts and scratches.

rasoir à une lame

Multi-blade shavers

Multi-blade shavers are designed to provide a thorough shave by cutting each hair several times in a single stroke. This concept is based on a precise technique where each blade is positioned at a slightly different angle to the one before it. This arrangement allows the blades to capture and cut hairs effectively.


Ease of use

They are specially designed to deliver excellent results with ease, even for beginners. This is perfect for those looking for an effective shaving solution without having to master complex techniques.

One of the main reasons for this ease of use is its technology. Multi-blade shavers are designed to be intuitive, eliminating the need to maintain specific angles or perform complex movements. All you have to do is hold them correctly and glide them gently over the skin to get a quality shave. So this type of razors saves you time on a daily basis, while delivering a quality result. 

Cut-free shaving

When you use a multi-blade shaver, each blade acts progressively to cut hair at different levels, which greatly reduces the risk of pulling or snagging hairs, and therefore cuts.


More frequent blade changes

Although regular replacement of multi-blade shaver cartridges is essential to ensure an efficient and comfortable shave, it can represent an additional cost compared to single-blade shavers.

Which one to choose?

The choice between a multi-blade and a single-blade shaver really depends on your personal preferences, your level of shaving experience and the results you are looking for.

If you're an experienced shaver who values precision and detail, a single-blade razor could be the perfect choice for you. With a single-blade razor, you have greater flexibility to adjust the angle and pressure to get the precise results you want. This can be particularly beneficial for those looking to sculpt clean lines or perform detailed touch-ups.

Genuine Horn Straight Razor Genuine Horn Straight Razor
Straight razor

Genuine Horn Straight Razor

Straight razor in carbon steel C135 with real horn handle. Comes with its black leather case. A French manufacture. The horn being a natural product, the color varies little from light to dark. Blade size: 6/8
Black Straight Razor Black Straight Razor
Straight razor

Black Straight Razor

Straight razor in carbon steel C135 with an acetate handle. Comes with its black leather case. French manufacture. Blade size : 5/8
Olivewood Straight Razor Olivewood Straight Razor
Straight razor

Olivewood Straight Razor

Straight Razor in carbon steel C135 with a solid olive wood handle. Comes with its black leather case. Made in France. Olive wood being a natural product, the color varies little from light to dark. Blade size 5/8

However, many people, especially beginners, prefer to shave with multi-blade razors for their ease of use and speed. Multi-blade razors, such as those with 3 or 5 blades, offer a more intuitive shaving experience, where you simply glide the razor gently over the skin to achieve a smooth shave. This ease of use makes them a popular choice for those who are new to shaving or have a busy morning routine.

Briarwood & Chrome Fusion razor Briarwood & Chrome Fusion razor

Briarwood & Chrome Fusion razor

Traditional razor made of heather wood and chromed brass. With a Gillette Fusion head. Manufactured and assembled in the Plisson workshops in France.
Plisson Razor with Rosewood and Chrome Finish Plisson Razor with Rosewood and Chrome Finish

Rosewood and chrome finish Fusion razor

This beautiful Rosewood Fusion razor features a subtle combination of pinkish and reddish petrol colours with a slightly bluish chrome finish. This model is compatible with Gillette Fusion blades, which provide a smooth, close shave.
Fusion Razor with Palladium Godron Finish - Plisson 1808 Fusion Razor with Palladium Godron Finish - Plisson 1808

Brass Palladium plated engraved Fusion

Beautiful Fusion razor in solid brass with Palladium finish, compatible with Gillette Fusion heads. This model is adorned with a very elegant straight gadroon design, which gives it a modern and sophisticated touch. It is also available with a "Mach3" head or a "Safety" head.