Why use a shaving brush?

For many years the trend was to use disposable razors and shaving foam, but now a considerable number of men are looking for products that are more qualitative, durable and more respectful of their skin and the environment.

The shaving brush is one of those timeless shaving products that offer both skin care and comfort.

How do you use a shaving brush?

The shaving brush must first be humidified, then simply be brushed over the soap or shaving cream.

You then need to brush in circle the shaving brush, preferably in a shaving bowl, to make the lather and then continue this motion directly on the area to be shaved to obtain an exfoliating effect.

The gesture must be carried out in a rotating movement, the more vigorous it is and the denser the foam obtained will be.

What is its use?

The shaving brush has two main functions.

Thanks to its action and the foam obtained, it helps the user to protect the skin from cuts and razor burn.

It also prepares the skin by removing dead cells, and lifts and softens the beard hair by making it plump, which makes shaving much smoother.

How to choose a shaving brush?

The shaving brush should be chosen according to 2 main criteria: the thickness of your beard and the sensitivity of your skin.

The nature of your beard hair

If you have fine hair, choose soft shaving brushes or our fibre. On the other hand, if your beard is thick and coarse, choose shaving brushes made of natural hair such as Pure Grey. Their hardness will allow you to pass between your hairs without difficulty in order to spread the cream or soap evenly. Boar's hair should be avoided for shaving brushes because it is too firm and the hair does not absorb water well, which does not give a satisfactory shave.

The sensitivity of your skin

Men with easily irritable skin should stick to using shaving brushes with thin, soft bristles. Our "High Mountain White" fibre is particularly suitable as it imitates the best qualities of badger hair and offers a very soft feeling.

For those with tougher skin, the choice is less restrictive: they can make their choice according to their personal preferences.

Why choose Plisson 1808?

Whether for yourself or as a gift, choosing Plisson is a guarantee of quality.

Appreciated for its experience and know-how of more than two centuries, as well as its French manufacturing, the brand seduces all lovers of the old-fashioned shaving.

For the pleasure of shaving

Known for making this ritual a moment of pure relaxation, Plisson is a must-have for shaving. Choosing this brand allows you to equip yourself for the long term.

Plisson products are praised for their reliability and the results they achieve. 

They are perfect for men who like impeccable finishes and meticulous results.

The shaving brush set: an unforgettable gift

Plisson offers great badger shaving kits for those who are looking for an exceptional gift.

The quality of the wood species and the different materials used make them top-of-the-range objects appreciated by demanding men.