Plisson was founded by a family of brush makers and a family of craftsmen in Tabletterie who specialized in making small, elegant objects from noble materials such as precious woods, horn and, previously, ivory. 

To this day, our shaving accessories are made from hand-turned pieces, polished and treated to resist moisture. Only the pieces of the Essential collection are molded. 

This work is carried out by our craftsmen thanks to a know-how that has been transmitted from generation to generation and that respects the requirements of each material to offer products of impeccable quality.

Precious woods

Each species of wood that we offer has its own particularities. 

Our craftsmen carve different precious woods to make unique products that highlight the natural patterns of the wood.

Our catalog features a selection of woods such as Macassar Ebony, Rosewood, Royal Rosewood and Olive, all chosen for their durability and elegance. 

We also offer our Original model in Santos Rosewood, a wood considered sacred, as well as Padouk, also known as Redwood.

Real Horn

Our craftsmen work with Genuine Horn, a material with a delicate appearance, but of great robustness. They use the tradition of the tabletterie of yesteryear to realize unique pieces of a remarkable quality. 

The work of this material is very specific and demanding. Indeed, the horn being hard and brittle, it requires meticulous preparation. The work of the Genuine Horn is a manual work which requires a know-how and a great knowledge of the material. These particularities make our horn models rare and exceptional.

Discover our models in classic blond horn or in elegant black horn.


The lacquer finish offers resistance to wear, scratches and fading. It is therefore particularly recommended for surfaces that are regularly used. In addition, this finish is easy to clean and maintain. 

The lacquered finish is very smooth and uniform, giving a shiny and elegant appearance to objects. It is also possible to have this finish in a wide range of colors, which allows flexibility in the design and final aesthetics of the product. 

You can find our range of Joris shaving brushes in different colors and finishes.


Like lacquer, acetate gives a uniform shiny look to objects. In addition, the acetate finish is very scratch resistant and easy to clean. It is therefore ideal for surfaces that are used regularly. 

This finish is also very resistant to water and UV effects. 

With proper care, acetate is very durable. Our acetate pieces in the Original Collection are hand-turned, like wood or horn, to give a perfect finish.

Our acetate shaving brushes are available in many colors, sizes and hair types - pure shaving brush or fiber. They will satisfy everyone's needs.

Limoges Porcelain

Used for shaving bowls, our White Porcelain is the traditional Limoges Porcelain. Known throughout the world, it is renowned for its quality and finesse since the 18th century. 

It is appreciated and recognized for its whiteness and its resistance.

Indeed, this porcelain is unique because of its meticulous manufacturing process and the quality of the clay used. Moreover, it is resistant to shocks, scratches and stains. It can be kept for years, even generations if it is well maintained. 

Limoges Porcelain is also known for its trademarks, which identify the origin and authenticity of the pieces. 

You can find our Limoges Porcelain bowls with different finishes like Palladium or Gold.

Noble Metals

All our metal parts are made with a solid brass base. These are heavy parts on which different finishes are applied:

Chrome and Palladium

Chrome plating is a finishing process that consists of depositing a thin layer of the said metal on the surface of our accessories. The chrome provides a strong resistance to corrosion. The shaving brush and razor handles are also more resistant to scratches and wear. 

Chrome plating is a special technique that requires know-how and expertise. 

The Palladium finish, a precious metal of the platinum family, also offers resistance to corrosion and wear. This finish guarantees the durability and resistance of the parts. Moreover, Palladium has the advantage of being hypoallergenic. 

The appearance of Palladium gives the pieces a silvery white color, elegant and refined.

Gold and Rose Gold

The 24 carat gold requires a particular control, it is applied in a uniform layer on the piece. During this operation, it must be handled with care, as it is very soft and fragile. 

The surface must then be polished to eliminate imperfections and defects present on the surface. 

This is what gives the gilding a smooth and uniform finish. The 24 karat gold finish has a unique appearance and long life.

Rose gold is an increasingly sought after finish. Indeed, its warm and subtle pink color gives objects a very elegant and sophisticated look. 

The alloying of gold with copper ensures greater hardness and strength than pure gold. 

Rose gold is less common than white or yellow gold, making each piece exclusive and upscale.


Ruthenium is a metal from the platinum family, known for its hardness and wear resistance. 

It also has a unique appearance, its dark gray, almost black color gives an elegant and discreet look. 

This metal allows for both long-lasting quality objects and remarkable color.