The shavette, also known as a barber's razor, is a razor that is halfway between a straight razor and a traditional razor. It is the ideal alternative for learning the traditional shaving technique without the disadvantages of the straight razor. Its blades are interchangeable and very easy to remove if necessary. Made in France from aluminium, they are light, easy to handle and resistant. They provide a close and smooth shave and ensure a perfect result in one stroke. With this model, it is possible to reach areas that are usually difficult to access.

Pack 10 safety blades Pack 10 safety blades

Pack 10 safety blades

Box of 10 double-edged stainless steel safety razor blades. Each blade is individually wrapped for your safety.  Compatible with all safety razors.
Aluminium shavette - Red Aluminium shavette - Red
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Aluminium shavette - Red

Red aluminium shavette. To be used with a safety razor blades cut in half.
Aluminium shavette - Gold Aluminium shavette - Gold
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Aluminium shavette - Gold

Gold colour aluminium shavette. To be used with a safety razor blade cut in half.
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