Aluminium shavette - Black
Aluminium shavette - Black
Aluminium shavette - Black

Aluminium shavette - Black

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Black aluminium shavette. To be used with a safety razor blade cut in half.

The shavette, also known as a barber's razor, provides a very close and efficient shave. Like the straight razor, it requires a little practice and a good deal of concentration when using it. It is very hygienic as the blade can be changed regularly. It uses a safety razor blade cut in half lengthwise. 

This razor model uses double-edged safety blades that need to be broken in half before use, which can be easily done within their packaging. To replace the blade, push the mobile part forward so that it opens downwards, then slide the blade against the stops, and finally close it while holding on the flat part of the blade. Do not hold by the edge.

It is preferable to use a safety blade that you have broken in half yourself rather than a pre-cut one. Breaking the blade yourself leaves a roughness that creates a spring effect and allows for better blade retention in the shavette.

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