Why use a shaving brush?

Each man deserves a perfect shave, without irritations or cuts. Yet, many men overlook a key accessory: the shaving brush. But did you know that using a shaving brush can transform your daily shaving routine into a pampering ritual? 

In this article, we will explain how this traditional accessory can improve your shaving routine.  

1. A smooth shave

The optimal preparation of the skin

Before you begin, it is essential to understand that the facial skin is particularly delicate. Because it is thinner, it can become a high-risk area (pimples, irritation, redness, burns, ingrown hairs, etc.) if it isn't properly prepared. For this reason, it needs to be softened as much as possible to avoid any snagging with the blade. 

A shaving brush is an essential accessory for preparing the skin before shaving. The shaving foam or soap, is applied evenly, softening the skin and hair. By applying the product, the shaving brush performs a gentle massage that prepares the skin for shaving, preventing irritations and ingrown hairs. 

Moisturising and softening the hairs

When you spread cream or soap on your beard with your hands, you flatten the hairs against your skin, making shaving more difficult. This will require several strokes to get a precise result, increasing the risk of skin irritation.

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Shaved head Balm Shaved head Balm
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Shaved head Balm

After-shave balm for the scalp. Soothes and mattifies thanks to the combination of Houseleek, Rosehip and Prickly Pear Seed  Soothing and mattifying skincare fluid for absolute comfort. A product dedicated to soothing and healing your scalp after shaving.  95.64% of ingredients of natural origin Made in France 100ml tube YUKA SCORE :79/100...
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"JORIS" shaving soap "JORIS" shaving soap
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"JORIS" shaving soap

Made in France, French soap factory Titanium Dioxide free 100% natural base Beautiful foam, protection and hydration guaranteed To be used in a Plisson bowl.

2. Healthier skin through exfoliation

The shaving brush also plays an important role in exfoliating the skin. By gently massaging the skin, it helps to remove dead skin cells, reducing clogged pores and preventing ingrown hairs. It also helps stimulate blood circulation, improving hair growth and skin health.

Using a shaving brush will help maintain the health and softness of your skin. It will also prevent your razor from clogging, allowing it to glide smoothly over your skin without irritation.

Advice: If you sometimes tend to neglect your skin care routine, using a shaving brush as part of your shaving ritual will help to look after your skin on a regular basis. 

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3. A moment of relaxation and pampering

Shaving with a shaving brush transforms a simple routine into a ritual of relaxation and personal care. Many men express their appreciation for this daily moment, which becomes a precious break in their day.

4. A touch of sophistication

Shaving brushes are often seen as objects of quality and beauty. Available in a variety of styles and materials, they bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to the bathroom. As the bearer of prestigious shaving traditions, the shaving brush symbolises the sophistication and history of shaving. The shaving brush is an eye-catcher and gives a certain presence to the modern man. 

If your aim is to improve your appearance and well-being, using the most elegant, high-performance accessories is the best way to achieve it. 

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Infinite Black Finish Set Infinite Black Finish Set

Infinite Black Finish Set

Prestigious set consisting of 3 pieces in solid brass with an infinite black finish. This set includes a Mach3 razor, a shaving brush filled with a removable Pure European Grey tuft, all on an elegant stand. A touch of elegance in a gentleman's bathroom.
Mach3 razor with Palladium finish - Plisson 1808 Mach3 razor with Palladium finish - Plisson 1808

Solid brass Palladium Mach3 razor

Beautiful classic razor in solid brass and bright palladium finish. Compatible with the Gillette Mach3 head. Made and assembled in France, this model can be completed with the matching shaving brush and holder (available separately).
Napoleon Box Set - Limited Edition Napoleon Box Set - Limited Edition
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Napoleon Box Set - Limited Edition

Plisson has launched the Napoleon Gift Set to celebrate its 215th anniversary. This gift set is perfect for the holidays and includes - an original shaving brush in Lazuli resin inspired by Lapis Lazuli - a black plexiglass servant - a Limoges porcelain bowl - a shaving soap Our products are made in France and our handle is crafted by hand in the...

We answer your questions...

Which shaving brush is right for my skin type?

For sensitive skin with fine bristles, it's best to use a brush with softer bristles, such as High Mountain White, to reduce irritation.

On the other hand, normal or less reactive skin with thicker hairs needs deep exfoliation. In this case, a firmer tuft, such as Russian Grey or European Grey, would be ideal.

For more information on tufts, click here.

Which tuft should I choose?

To choose the tuft that's right for you, it's important to consider the softness, density, and firmness of the hair. You also need to identify your skin and hair type to pick the tuft that best suits your needs. 

Don't hesitate to contact our customer service team for personalised advice and to help you make the best choice for your specific needs.