How to care for your beard?

You like the three-day beard, the short beard or the hipster beard? Whatever your style, it's all about maintenance. Here's a closer look at the products and habits you need to adopt to keep it looking its best.

Beard: how to properly prepare your skin?

Beard care starts with a good preparation of the epidermis. This is the basis for an elegant look.

Exfoliate your skin for a deep cleaning

Plisson 1808 recommends that you exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. This will remove dead skin cells, excess sebum and other impurities that clog pores. Those flaws tend to obstruct the passage of the blade and increase the risk of cuts. Facial care also penetrates less easily.

Nourish your skin for optimal comfort

The second fundamental step is to apply a moisturizing fluid or an anti-aging cream right after the scrub - and generally once a day. This will prevent your skin from drying out. It will thus preserve all its elasticity. No more unpleasant feelings of tightness! At the same time, you will improve the glide of the blade.

What care products should I use to maintain my beard?

Once your skin's face is perfectly prepared, you can move on to the grooming of your beard itself.

Purify your beard with a dedicated cleanser

To get rid of the dust and other impurities accumulated during the day, the best thing is to use shampoo on your beard. With our shower gel, made from houseleek, ginseng and ginkgo biloba extracts, sanitize, protect, detoxify and tone both your beard and your skin in a single step! Its advantage? It is 3-in-1 and can also be used for the body and hair.

Use a special soap to nourish your beard

Like our 3-in-1 shower gel, our beard soaps work on your hair and skin by providing moisture. As a result, your beard is silkier and shinier. A must have if you are meticulous! Don't forget the essential beard bowl.

How to best structure your beard?

Do you dream of a perfectly defined beard? Instead of a "classic" or even disposable razor, why not opt for a shavette? Durable, environmentally friendly, and far more convincing in terms of efficiency, these shaving accessories have it all! They offer a clean and precise shave. Their blades are interchangeable, so they're maintenance-free: just replace them when they wear out. Got a long or medium-length beard? To style it best and perfect the cut, use the scissors to trim it.

Why brush and/or comb your beard?

Regularly running a comb or brush through your beard will help tidy up the hair. The comb is suitable for all beards, even the longest. Its teeth allow it to reach the deepest hairs. The beard brush does more surface work: it will smooth the visible hairs and can therefore be used in addition to the comb.

With or without handle, Plisson 1808 beard brushes are made of wood and boar bristles. This natural material, rich in keratin, ensures good hydration of the beard. Result: they are repaired in depth along their entire length and become silkier with each use.

Beard oil: a key product to care for your beard naturally

For best results, Plisson 1808 Beard Oil should be applied beforehand. Containing no less than six oils - including prickly pear seed oil and safflower oil - it is also enriched with vitamin E, for a 99% natural formulation. In addition to nourishing, softening and sculpting your beard, it will make it denser. All without the greasy effect. Perfect for the most demanding of bearded men.

Now you know all the secrets of good maintenance. Your beard and your skin will thank you. To complete your beauty routine, discover our complete line of face and body care products. Looking for the perfect gift? You'll probably find what you're looking for in our gift sets. All products signed Plisson 1808 are made in France and designed with high quality materials. One more reason to indulge!