Ligne de soins naturels pour Homme par plisson

Natural skincare for men: a healthy mind in a healthy body with Plisson 1808

More than ever, men are freeing themselves from codes and advocating a return to nature. A principle that they are now committed to following, even in their beauty rituals. Looking for the best natural skin care for men? At Plisson 1808, we will undoubtedly meet your expectations! Let's take a look at our new collection of natural cosmetics designed for him.

Why choose natural cosmetics?

Men's facial routines can be summed up as follows: cleansing in the morning and/or evening, good moisturising and, for some, shaving daily or more occasionally. That's the basics! It is therefore important to choose the right care products!

The particularities of male skin

Men's skin is on average 20% thicker than women's. Paradoxically, it is also more sensitive to aggression. There are two reasons for this hyper-reactivity: the male hypodermic fat layer is thinner, while the dermis is richer in nerve endings than that of women. The degradation of the natural protective film, caused by daily razor attacks, is also a contributing factor.

Conventional skin care products sold in supermarkets tend to irritate male skin even more than it already is. By choosing natural cosmetics with a minimalist composition, you respect the natural balance of your skin. As a result, your skin is deeply revitalised and enhanced!

What are the men's care products developed by Plisson 1808?

At Plisson 1808, we are committed to combining effectiveness with ethical principles. That's why we develop sustainable cosmetic products that are ever more respectful of the skin and the environment. Our new collection - recognisable by its light blue packaging - consists of a complete range of products that meet the specific needs of the male skin, naturally. Individually or in a complete ritual formula (up to three different treatments in one set), the choice is yours!

Soins du visage naturels Plisson pour homme

Targeted facial treatments

With Plisson 1808 face care products, cleanse, moisturise and pamper your skin on a daily basis. Moisturizing fluid cleanser, or lip balm... Everything is here to take care of you. Also get rid of imperfections with our energizing facial scrub

Good to know: how often to use a face scrub

For a perfect balance between performance and respect for the skin, the ideal is to space out your scrubs by a few days. At Plisson 1808, we recommend using it once or twice a week maximum, depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

The right care product for every area of the body

You're sure to find what you're looking for in our body care products. Our star product? The 3-in-1 shower gel to clean and tone your beard, hair and body at the same time. And if you want to take care of your nails or remove unwanted hair, why not try one of our three or five-piece stainless steel manicure sets, made of real leather?

Natural care for men: focus on three complementary products in the range

Men also have the right to their own dedicated products to perfect their daily care, which is why Plisson 1808 does not stop at the basics.

Sublimating beard oil

There is nothing like beard oil to discipline, densify and deeply nourish the hair on this part of the face. Especially since more than 99% of its ingredients are of natural origin.

Huile à barbe naturelle Plisson pour homme

The second youth anti-ageing cream

Ideal for men who want to preserve the youthfulness and radiance of their skin, our anti-ageing cream gives a real boost. It is suitable for men whose features are beginning to show the signs of time as well as for preventive purposes. Its formulation, based on Rhodella Violacea algae, houseleek extract and hyaluronic acid, makes it an excellent anti-ageing treatment. 

After-shave balm for a clean and healthy scalp

Are you a fan of a close shave, but the irritation that follows is not for you? Thanks to our shaved head aftershave balm, which heals, soothes and matifies, say goodbye to these little sensory and aesthetic inconveniences!

What are the olfactory characteristics of the new Plisson 1808 natural care collection?

At Plisson 1808, we believe that the fragrance of a face or body care product is at least as important as its performance. We develop our cosmetics with this in mind. Will you be tempted by the delicate combination of bergamot, eucalyptus and fig, for a trip to the heart of the Provencal garrigue? Or how about an escape to the Côte d'Azur with jasmine, cypress and white mint? 

French know-how, sustainable and natural cosmetic products with a unique and enchanting scent, which respect both your skin and the planet... These are the principles that make Plisson 1808 one of the best references in men's beauty. To be given as a gift or as a present, our skincare products have the power to revolutionise the beauty routine of the most demanding men!