Gift ideas for men: the guide for the perfect gift

With birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions approaching, the search for the perfect gift for a man can quickly turn into a major challenge. Between individual preferences, current trends and specific needs, it is sometimes hard to know where to start. Choosing a gift that will really please and make a lasting impression requires not only time, but also a certain amount of thought and creativity. 

With this guide, we have made it easy for you by presenting a selection of gift ideas for men. Whether it's for a friend, a brother, a father or any important man in your life, we have put together a diverse range of options that are sure to impress, whatever his style or interests. 

Explore our suggestions carefully to discover gifts that meet every expectation, from the most classic to the most sophisticated. Whether you're looking for a practical gift, a memorable experience or something unique, our guide will help you along the way. 

Shaving accessories: sublimate his routine

Transform his morning ritual into an authentic and refined shaving experience with a traditional shaving set. Choose from individual accessories such as a shaving brush and razor, or a complete set, meticulously handcrafted from the finest materials.

Not only are you adding a touch of sophistication to his routine, but you are also helping to reduce his environment impact and invest into quality products that will last over time. Give him not only a traditional shaving experience, but also an original and elegant gift. 

gift ideas for men
Rasoir chromé avec la tête à 3 lames de Plisson Rasoir chromé avec la tête à 3 lames de Plisson

Black and chrome razor - 3-blade Plisson head

Elegant razor in chrome-plated brass with black handle and 3-blade Plisson head, recommended for sensitive skin. The cutting edge is coated with platinum and a lubricating strip impregnated with vitamin E and aloe vera.
Aluminium shavette - Red Aluminium shavette - Red

Aluminium shavette - Red

Red aluminium shavette. To be used with a safety razor blades cut in half.

Improve his routine with exceptional skincare products

With Plisson 1808 skincare products, you can enhance his daily routine with the very best in French craftsmanship. These products are specially developed to meet the needs of the modern man, giving him a refreshing and natural experience of well-being. 

Whether for his face, beard or hair, choose from a complete range of products formulated with up to 99% natural ingredients. Each product is designed to deliver optimum results while respecting the skin and the environment.

gift for men
Alum stone Alum stone
Aftershave Care

Alum stone

Block stone of Alum 75 gr PLISSON
Shaving soap - Plisson 1808 Shaving soap - Plisson 1808

Plisson Shaving soap

Made in France, French soap factory Titanium Dioxide free 100% natural base Beautiful foam, protection and hydration guaranteed To be used in a Plisson bowl.
Daily Facial Cleansing Lotion Daily Facial Cleansing Lotion
Men care

Daily Facial Cleansing Lotion

Daily Facial Cleansing Gel enriched with natural vitamin E Cleanses and de-pollutes the face thanks to the combination of Thyme Leaf extract, Prickly Pear Seeds and enriched with natural Vitamin E for its antioxidant properties. A daily skin care ritual to prepare, purify and gently cleanse your skin. 99.08% of ingredients of natural origin Made in...

The ideal gift to create a sensation: the wellness gift box

Discover an exquisite selection of gift sets, carefully designed to offer a complete wellness experience. Each set has been meticulously crafted to combine high quality products with the perfect design to make a statement. Whether you choose a shaving set or a skincare set, our gifts box are designed to meet the needs of all men, whatever their skincare routine. 

Our shaving sets are designed for all levels, from the curious amateur to the confirmed expert. Each set includes the essentials for an impeccable, comfortable shave, while adapting to every style. 

Also, you can personalise your gift according to the specific skin needs of the man you are offering it to. Whether it is to hydrate, smooth or for youthful skin, our gift boxes offer a range of adapted rituals, formulated with natural ingredients to meet these particular needs.

gift box for men
Genuine badger Essential initiation set - 9 colours Genuine badger Essential initiation set - 9 colours
Shaving Brush Initiation Set

Genuine badger Essential initiation set - 9 colours

Perfect for an introduction to traditional shaving.  Genuine Russian Grey badger brush, which provides a stimulating brushing action and exfoliates the skin deep down. Traditional resin handle available in different colours. Plexiglass holder and Limoges porcelain bowl with its beard soap. Size 12 (standard)
Essential Fibre initiation set - 9 colours Essential Fibre initiation set - 9 colours
Shaving Brush Initiation Set

Essential Fibre initiation set - 9 colours

Perfect for an introduction to traditional shaving.  Shaving brush in "High Mountain White" fibre, known for its softness and suppleness. Traditional resin handle available in different colours. Plexi-crystal holder and Limoges porcelain bowl with its beard soap. Size 12 (standard)
Napoleon Box Set - Limited Edition Napoleon Box Set - Limited Edition
Shaving Sets

Napoleon Box Set - Limited Edition

For the holidays, Plisson launches the Napoleon Gift Set in a limited edition of 200 pieces. This gift set is perfect for the holidays and includes - an original shaving brush in Lazuli resin inspired by Lapis Lazuli - a black plexiglass servant - a Limoges porcelain bowl - a shaving soap Our products are made in France and our handle is crafted...

Our commitment to natural beauty

In order to offer formulas that are more respectful of your body and the environment, we have decided to eliminate ingredients that are harmful to health and the environment. With over 95% natural ingredients, our skincare range offers the very best active ingredients from nature.

To find out more, visit this page.

From traditional shaving accessories to exceptional skincare products and wellness gift sets, each option has been carefully thought out to offer a unique and refined experience. By opting for our suggestions, you're giving more than just a present: you're offering an elegant, everyday experience of well-being.