Blacklisted ingredients

For formulations that are more respectful of your body and the environment, we have decided to exclude many ingredients that could present a risk to human health or the environment. With more than 95% of natural ingredients in our Le Soin range, you will find the best natural active ingredients such as Houseleek, Cactus, Avocado, Rhodella Violacea Algae, Volcanic Silica, Aloe Vera, Wild Pansy, Ginkgo Biloba… to create high performance clean beauty products that take care of your skin and offer you fast visible results!

Our products are made in France, each ingredient is sourced with the utmost care to guarantee exceptional purity and quality. 


Likely to penetrate deep into the body and cause unknown effects. 


Not easily biodegradable, they pollute the environment by flowing into waste water.


As a preservative, parabens are potential endocrine disruptors.


Can be absorbed through the skin and suspected of neurotoxic effects. 


The manufacturing process of this ingredient is very polluting.

Formaldehyde releasers

Gradually releases small quantities of formaldehyde, suspected of being carcinogenic.


Environmental toxicity of these ingredients.


Stabiliser, it pollutes the environment and in particular aquatic environments. 

Propylene Glycol

Derived from petrochemicals, it presents a risk for the environment. 


Preservative, it is bad for the environment, especially for aquatic organisms.  


Preservative, its use is highly regulated in Europe.


Classified as probably carcinogenic.