Our tips to take care of your Plisson shaving brush

Take good care of your shaving brush

A shaving brush is traditionally made from badger hair. It is perfectly suited to the needs of your skin in preparation for shaving. It has been used for a very long time for its hydroresistance quality. In a humid environment, it retains its qualities of softness and nervousness, essential for an effective brushing.

Today we have designed fibre alternatives with these same qualities, which are not derived from an animal and are suitable for the vegan lifestyle. Plisson, the world's leading manufacturer of badger shaving brushes, we offer the widest variety of tufts in the world. You can choose from 8 varieties of hair, depending on your preferences and skin type. 

Despite the many checks carried out before packaging, a new badger can shed a few hairs during the first few uses. This is normal, but it should not last.

The first use

Before using it for the first time, wash your new shaving brush in warm soapy water (<45°C). Rinse and dry gently.

While shaving

Plisson advises the use of good quality shaving soaps or shaving creams. The care products offered by Plisson have been formulated according to our specifications and are particularly suitable for use with a shaving brush.

After each shave, rinse your shaving brush thoroughly with lukewarm water (<45°C). Drain and dab lightly in the towel.

It is strongly recommended to store it on a suitable stand. This will keep it upside down so that it dries efficiently and lasts for years. 

Avoid storing your wet shaving brush in a storage box.

Cleaning your shaving brush

Once a month you can wash gently your shaving brush with soap under warm water, then rinse and dry. It will allow to remove skin cells and soap residues that would have stayed behind. You can use a comb to take care of the tuft and rework its shape a bit.

Caution: Never leave your shaving brush soaking in water or let it dry hair up, as this can lead to mildew and hair loss. Your shaving brush should also not be in contact with abrasive products or water over 45°C.

Our goal at Plisson is to offer men the best for their beauty and care: the finest materials, our craftsmen's handcraftsmanship and our designers' creativity make the shaving ritual even more beautiful. discover our shaving brushes, made in France in our workshops.

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