Our tips to take care of your Plisson razor

Until the middle of the 20th century, the use of the "sabre razor" also called straight razor required a real know-how.  This made the use of professional barbers almost mandatory. Then was invented the safety razor with disposable blade. 

Today, razor blades are high-tech and allow a very close shave without damaging the skin.Plisson offers razors with different types of heads to choose from: the tradition (or safety razor), the Gillette Mach3, the Gillette Fusion, the Plisson blade and straight razors.

Use and maintenance

Before use, check that the blade is not damaged or clogged with deposits. If necessary, change the blade. 

We advise you to invest in a quality razor, it will last longer. In general, higher quality handles are heavier, which means that no pressure is applied during shaving and cuts are avoided. 

After each shave, be sure to rinse your razor well with warm water to make the blade last longer, and dry the handle with your towel. We recommend that you use a razor holder to keep your razor in prime condition.

Our goal at Plisson is to offer men the best for their beauty and care. We glorify the shaving ritual with the finest materials, our craftsmanship and our designers' creativity. 

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