Mach 3 Razor Andean Boxwood and Palladium Finish
Mach 3 Razor Andean Boxwood and Palladium Finish
Mach 3 Razor Andean Boxwood and Palladium Finish
Mach 3 Razor Andean Boxwood and Palladium Finish

Andean Boxwood and palladium finish Mach3 razor

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Elegant and pure shaver in boxwood with palladium finish and Mach3 Gillette head (3 blades). 100% French made and hand assembled.


The elegant design of this 3-blade razor in light wood with a palladium finish will ensure an easy grip and safe movements. The nobility of the palladium gives this shaving accessory a sophisticated touch. This model is equipped with a 3-blade Gillettes head. These blades are known for their efficiency and comfort of use. This shaver is hand assembled and produced in France and will be delivered to you in its elegant packaging.

It is good practice to match your razor with a shaving brush and a holder. For this model you will find the shaving brush in Andean Boxwood and palladium finish available for sale. 

Tips for use

It is best to shave in the morning, after showering when the skin is soft and clean, ready to be shaved. After moistening the area to be shaved, apply an even layer of shaving cream or soap, preferably with a shaving brush. Using a shaving brush will straighten and soften the hair, making shaving more efficient and comfortable. The shaving brush also helps to soften the skin. Once the pre-shave stage is complete, shave in the direction of the hair and remember to rinse the blades to remove excess cream and hair between strokes. If you want to do a second shave, apply shaving cream again and shave against the grain.

Rinse your face to remove hair and cream residue and then apply an aftershave balm to soothe and moisturise the skin.


Maintenance: After use, rinse your blades with water from front to back to remove any residue and keep them sharp longer. Let your razor air dry. 

Remember to change the blades if necessary to maintain comfort and safety while shaving.

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