Olive wood and chrome 3-blade shaver - Made in France - Plisson1808
Olive wood and chrome 3-blade shaver - Made in France - Plisson1808
Olive wood and chrome 3-blade shaver - Made in France - Plisson1808
Olive wood and chrome 3-blade shaver - Made in France - Plisson1808

Olive wood and chrome finish mach3 razor

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Mach3 razor in olive wood and chrome finish is a model that combines the sobriety of wood with the strength of chrome. Each model has a unique pattern because of the wood piece carved in the mass. The chrome finish brings strength, resistance and elegance to the razor. All our products are made and assembled in France.


The Mach3 shaver is a design made to last over time. The olive wood centrepiece is varnished to resist water, and the carved olive wood offers unique patterns that are unique to each piece. On the other hand, the chrome finish brings strength and elegance to the model. Indeed, chrome is a stainless and very resistant metal with a bluish reflection that make this razor sober and sophisticated.

The ergonomics of each razor are designed to ensure an easy grip, to increase the precision of each gesture and consequently the quality of the shave. To meet the needs of everyone, this model is available in 2 variants: 

  • With the Gillette Mach3 system (3 blades), the best selling shaving system in the world and available in all shops.
  • With the Gillette Fusion system (5 blades), known for the quality and efficiency of the blades, also available in all shops.

Best practice: match your razor with a shaving brush for an exceptional wet shaving experience.

Tips for use 

In the morning after showering, when the skin is clean and slightly damp, apply a shaving cream or soap previously foamed with the shaving brush. Apply the pre-shave product evenly to the entire area to be shaved. This essential step, known as "preparation for shaving", allows the skin to be exfoliated and cleansed of its dead cells or greasy film (sebum) before shaving. Unlike the hand, which tends to flatten the hair, using a shaving brush in a circular motion straightens the hair and surrounds it from the root with cream or soap, which guarantees a perfect shave and avoids irritation. Shave in the direction of the hair. If you want to shave a second time, soap yourself again and shave this time against the direction of the hair. Rinse your face with warm water. Finally, for added comfort, apply an after-shave balm to moisturise and soothe the skin. You can now start your day with peace of mind, and a clean shave!


Rinse your razor with lukewarm water, the temperature should not exceed 45°C, and allow the water to run from the back to the front to dislodge any hair and cream or soap residue. Shake the razor to remove excess water and let the blades dry. Thoroughly cleaned blades retain their sharpness and effectiveness longer and ensure a comfortable shave throughout their use. Do not use corrosive materials or products for cleaning. 

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