Prestige shaving set : 3 pieces palladium finish - Plisson 1808

3-piece set: shaving brush, Fusion razor and holder - Godron Palladium European Grey

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Ideal for a prestigious gift made in France, this magnificent shaving set will delight a gentleman who loves wet shaving. It is composed of a razor and a shaving brush in brass with a Godron guilloche finish as well as a stand also in brass with a palladium finish that will enhance these two magnificent pieces. 


This shaving set is composed of 3 pieces: 

A shaving brush in European Grey hair, this type of hair is the most appreciated, it is the perfect mix between flexibility and nervousness. This shaving brush has a removable head size 12, for a product that will accompany you for a lifetime. The "barrel" shape of the brush ensures an easy grip and unparalleled shaving comfort. The godron engraving combined with the brilliance of the palladium makes this shaving brush an elegant and sophisticated piece.

A matching Gillette Fusion 5-blade shaver. The razor's sleek design and weight are designed to ensure ease of grip and confident strokes for an optimal shaving experience. 

A palladium brass display stand to showcase these two exceptional pieces and create a beautiful set to complement a modern man's bathroom. 

Tips for use

For optimal shaving conditions, we advise you to shave after a shower when the hair is soft and therefore easier to cut and when the skin of your face is less sensitive to the passage of the blades. The pre-shave stage is an important step not to be neglected, it is necessary to hydrate the hair and protect the skin. 

Load your shaving brush with cream or soap and apply the foam to your moistened face.

With soap: lather up the soap and then apply the lather with circular movements for 1-2 minutes to soften the hair and effectively stimulate the skin.

With shaving cream: apply a dab of cream to the top of your shaving brush. Soap your face for one to two minutes with circular movements to stimulate the skin and straighten the hair. 

Shave in the direction of the hair and then rinse your face to remove any cream residue. The last step is to apply an aftershave balm to soothe the skin after shaving and moisturise your face. 


The longevity of your shaving brush will depend on how well it is cared for - a well-maintained brush can last you many years. Rinse the bristles of the shaving brush with lukewarm water after each use, but be careful not to exceed 45 degrees as this can damage the bristles. Remember to drain your shaving brush before storing it upside down in its holder.

For the razor, rinse the blades to remove any hair or lather residue and then leave it to dry on its stand. Check the sharpness of the blades regularly to maintain optimum shaving comfort. 


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