Shaving Brush Original Lazuli and European Grey

European Grey Badger and Lazuli resin

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Sumptuous shaving brush from the Original collection, with a European Grey tuft and a Lazuli coloured resin handle. Available in standard size (T12), it is suitable for daily use. This model brings freshness and serenity to your bathroom and brightens up your morning routine.


This beard brush made of resin imitation Lapis Lazuli, brings you serenity and benevolence, so that you can start the day gently. Lapis Lazuli or "Star Sapphire" is a royal blue stone with golden reflections. In Egyptian mythology, this stone symbolises divine power and life force. It is a virtuous stone that allows the wearer to strengthen his or her body and mind: it eliminates mental tension and promotes psychic balance. This model also pays tribute to Plisson's origins. The colour Lazuli echoes the colour of the Emperor, Napoleon Blue, which has contributed to Plisson's international reputation. 

This model is entirely made in France and assembled by hand in our workshops. The iconic design of the Original collection, light and soft to the touch, has been designed to provide a firm and pleasant grip. This model has a European Grey tuft, one of the most popular hairs in our range. It is ideal for those seeking a close and invigorating shave, as it offers the perfect compromise between softness, briskness and firmness. This tuft also has an emulsifying power that allows you to obtain a thick and creamy lather. Your skin is thus stimulated and ready to be shaved. 


1/ With the beard soap: Quickly run your shaving brush through warm water and lightly rub the hairs on the soap placed inside the bowl, taking care not to crush them. Do this until you have a thick, creamy lather to apply to your wet face. Use circular motions for one to two minutes to soften and straighten the hair of your beard, making it easier to shave.

2/ With the shaving cream: Wet your face and moisten the shaving brush with warm water. Once this step is done, place a small amount of cream on the bristles of the brush or directly on your cheeks and start to soap the face, using circular movements for one to two minutes. An emulsifying reaction will occur naturally on your skin, leaving a highly moisturising protective layer. 


To keep your beard brush looking good for years, be sure to rinse the bristles after each use to remove any traces of cream or soap. Pinch the bristles between your fingers to remove as much water as possible and then rub them lightly on a towel before storing the brush upside down on a suitable stand.

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