Iconic Russian Grey Shaving Brush with Bubinga Wood
Iconic Russian Grey Shaving Brush with Bubinga Wood
Iconic Russian Grey Shaving Brush with Bubinga Wood
Iconic Russian Grey Shaving Brush with Bubinga Wood

Bubinga high-mounted handle & Russian Grey shaving brush

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Beautiful Russian Grey shaving brush from the Heritage collection, with its emblematic Bubinga wood handle. An iconic model, sober and delicate, which testifies to Plisson's know-how: perfect balance between tradition and modernity.


This splendid beard brush is made of real Bubinga wood, a precious species native to Africa, with medicinal and spiritual properties. It is a light and resistant wood, which is highly appreciated in the craft world, largely for the magnificent contrast between its purple veining and the brown and red nuances of the sapwood. The elegant and ergonomic design of the "High Mount" handle makes the shaving brush easy to grip. This shape is slightly higher than the usual Plisson standard. Simple yet sophisticated, it gives this model its uniqueness. 

The Russian Grey bristle is the most accessible of our range. It offers the perfect compromise between robustness and firmness: it tones and exfoliates your skin effectively with each use. It is the ideal hair type for dense, medium-hard beards or people looking for a dynamic and relaxing shaving experience. In addition, it has an emulsifying power that produces a beautiful shaving foam, providing an optimal protective layer for your skin.


1/ With the beard soap: Quickly run your shaving brush through warm water to encourage the emulsifying reaction when in contact with the soap. Inside the bowl, make circular movements on the soap, taking care not to crush the bristles of the shaving brush, until you obtain a thick, creamy lather that you then apply to your wet face. Use circular movements for one or two minutes to stimulate the skin, soften and straighten the hairs of your beard, to facilitate the passage of the blade.

2/ With shaving cream: Moisten your face and the shaving brush with warm water, then apply a dab of cream, according to preference, to the bristles of the brush or directly to your cheeks. Finally, soap your face for one to two minutes, using circular motions, to prepare the skin and create an emulsifying reaction with the cream. 


To maintain the quality of your beard brush for as long as possible, we recommend that you rinse it after each use to remove any traces of cream or soap from the bristles. Drain it and rub it lightly on a towel before storing it upside down on a suitable stand.

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Precious Wood
Russian Grey
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Shaving brushes

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