Ebony and chrome finish shaving brush - “High Mountain White” fibre - Joris - Plisson 1808

Ebony and chrome finish shaving brush - “High Mountain White” fibre - Joris

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This shaving brush is made of imitation "High Mountain White" fibre, with Macassar Ebony and solid brass in chrome finish. The tuft of this model is unscrewable and easily interchangeable.


The deep, shiny black of the Macassar Ebony matches perfectly with the slightly bluish reflections of the chrome finish. Each slice of this precious wood has a unique ribbing with pink to orange shades, making your shaving brush an exceptional shaving accessory. This naturally heavy wood is varnished to make it more water resistant and to ensure a pleasant and ergonomic grip. This means you can keep this shaving brush for years.

Macassar Ebony is a dense and manageable wood from the tropical regions of Indonesia. It is a precious wood with a majestic contrast of colours: its coloured veins bring light and dynamism to the dark sapwood, thus offering an unequalled combination of nuances. This wood, generally used for decorative purposes, experienced its full development during the Art Deco period (1910-1930). Today, it is one of the most appreciated woods in the luxury sector.  

The removable head of this shaving brush is filled with a synthetic fibre imitating "High Mountain White" which is resistant, hygienic, supple and extremely soft. This fibre also has an emulsifying power, allowing you to obtain a smooth shaving foam. 

Made in France and handcrafted by our artisans, this shaving brush is perfect for sensitive skin and the vegan lifestyle. It is the perfect gift for those looking for an iconic shaving accessory, crafted from beautiful wood.  

Tips for use 

1/ With the beard soap: Use subtle circular movements with a shaving brush slightly moistened with warm water until you obtain a creamy lather. Be careful not to damage the bristles of the shaving brush on the soap during this step. Finally, apply the lather to wet skin for 1 to 2 minutes in a circular motion. This will stimulate the epidermis, soften and straighten the beard hair to make shaving easier.

2/ With shaving cream: Subtly wet the shaving brush with warm water, as well as your face, then place a dab of cream directly on the bush, in a shaving bowl or on each cheek. Then spread the cream in circular motions for 1 to 2 minutes. This will create an emulsifying reaction, stimulating the skin and causing a thick, creamy, moisturising and protective layer to appear. 


After each use, rinse your shaving brush with warm water to remove any traces of cream or soap. Then, squeeze the bristles between your fingers to remove any moisture and gently rub them on a clean, dry towel. Finally, store it upside down on its stand. 

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