Badger in real Horn
Badger in real Horn
Badger in real Horn
Badger in real Horn

Badger in real Horn

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Genuine blond horn for the handle and a pure European grey for the garnish. Wide range of sizes: from n°8 to size 20, handmade in the Plisson workshops in France. The horn being a natural product, the color varies little from light to dark.

  • European Grey - Medium

This beard brush is made of real blonde horn, a natural material that has been used for a long time in the world of traditional shaving. Each piece is unique and personal: the colour of the horn varies from one piece to another. Lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, this shaving brush has a good grip and is pleasant to the touch.

It is trimmed with a European grey tuft. This is one of the most popular bristles used by those looking for a close and invigorating shave. It offers a good quality of hair and provides a good mix of briskness, firmness and flexibility. It also has an emulsifying power that allows you to obtain a thick and creamy lather.

This model is offered in size 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20. It is made and assembled by hand in our workshops in France.


1/ With the beard soap: With your face wet (ideally after a shower), quickly run your shaving brush under warm water and emulsify the soap inside the bowl (without crushing the hairs) until you obtain a thick, creamy foam. Apply to the face in circular motions for one or two minutes to soften and straighten your beard hair sufficiently.

2/ With the shaving cream: Once your face is prepared and the shaving brush is moistened with warm water, place a dab of cream on the top of the brush and soap the face for one to two minutes as described above. Some users prefer to apply a trace of cream directly with the tube to each cheek and then emulsify it with the brush.


To preserve the qualities of your beard brush for many years, we recommend rinsing it well after each use to remove any traces of cream or soap and draining it. Then rub it lightly on a bath towel before storing it upside down on a suitable stand.

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European Grey - Medium
10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 8
Type de produit
Shaving brushes

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