3-blade razor, Heather and Palladium finish - Plisson 1808

Mach3 Razor Heather and palladium finish

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Briarwood razor with palladium finish, 3 blade head. Made and assembled by hand in France. Delivered in its elegant packaging.


A magnificent razor with a refined shape in briarwood with a palladium finish. The nobility of palladium combined with the red vein of heather essence make up the handle of this extraordinary razor. The heather wood is shaped to ensure an easy grip and safe and precise movements. This model has a 3-blade Gillettes head, known for its quality and precision. These blades are available in all shops. 

This model is also available with a fusion head (5 Gillettes blades) also available in all shops.It is good practice to match this remarkable piece with a shaving brush. Our products are handmade in France by our expert craftsmen. This razor will be delivered to you in an elegant package. 

Tips for use

It is recommended to shave in the morning, after showering. Once the skin is moistened, apply the cream or soap with a shaving brush to the entire area to be shaved. Shave in the direction of the hair and remember to rinse the blades to remove any product residue. If you want to do a second shave, reapply your shaving product and shave against the grain. Rinse your face to remove any remaining foam and then apply an aftershave balm to moisturise and soothe the skin.


The longevity of the blades depends on their maintenance, remember to always wash your blades to remove all cream and hair residues, let your razor dry in the open air. Remember to check the sharpness of the blades from time to time and replace them if necessary in order to maintain a comfortable shave. 

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