5-blade shaver in natural horn with chrome finish - Made in France - Plisson 1808
5-blade shaver in natural horn with chrome finish - Made in France - Plisson 1808
5-blade shaver in natural horn with chrome finish - Made in France - Plisson 1808
5-blade shaver in natural horn with chrome finish - Made in France - Plisson 1808

Fusion Razor Horn and Chrome Finish

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5-blade razor with horn and chrome finish. Opt for an original piece, thanks to its genuine horn handle. This delicate material allows for an exceptional finish, as horn is a natural material, that makes each piece absolutely unique. The bluish reflections of the chrome finish add a touch of elegance to the chic design of this model. This razor is produced and assembled in our Plisson workshop in France and will be delivered to you in a refined packaging.


This model in real horn married to solid brass with a chrome finish is perfect for gentlemen looking for originality and elegance. Genuine horn is a natural material that allows each shaver to be unique. The solid brass with chrome finish is particularly resistant to oxidation and completes the careful design of this model. 

Featuring a Gillette Fusion head, with 5 blades and a "balanced" shape for a comfortable grip, this model guarantees a precise and safe shave. However, to cater for different preferences and experience in the art of wet shaving, there is another variation of this product: 

A Gillette Mach3 shaving head (3 blades) which is suitable for sensitive skin and offers a comfortable shave. Available in all shops.

This model is manufactured and assembled by our qualified craftsmen in our PLISSON workshops in France. It will be delivered to you in an elegant packaging. 

Tips for use 

For the best wet shaving experience, we recommend shaving in the morning, after showering. This is when the conditions are best for an effective shave, your facial skin is clean and less fragile, and the hair, which is mainly made up of keratin, is softer and easier to cut. 

The first step, known as "shaving preparation", is to apply a pre-shave product evenly over the area to be shaved. It is highly recommended to use a shaving brush to obtain a light foam and apply it with a circular motion on the face. This step is essential and allows the skin to be exfoliated and the hair to be straightened for a more pleasant and effective shave. Unlike the hand, the shaving brush removes dead skin cells or the greasy film on the surface of the skin (sebum) and distributes the foam evenly from the root of the hair. 

Then shave in the direction of the hair, and rinse your razor regularly to remove excess cream and cut hairs. If you want to shave a second time, lather with a shaving soap or cream again and this time shave in the opposite direction of hair growth. Finish the shave by rinsing your face with clean water and then applying an aftershave balm or cream to soothe and moisturise the skin.


Well-maintained blades keep their sharpness longer. For proper care after each use: rinse your razor from front to back to remove all residues (lather, dead skin, cut hairs), shake the razor to remove excess water and let your razor air dry. Ideally upright to facilitate drying. Don't hesitate to change blades as soon as you feel a tug or the shave is less fluid. Do not use corrosive materials or products to maintain your razor and it is not recommended to use water that is too hot, it should be lukewarm and not exceed 45°C.



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