Olive wood and chrome finish shaving brush - “High Mountain White” fibre - Joris - Plisson 1808

Olive wood and chrome finish shaving brush - “High Mountain White” fibre - Joris

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Beautiful shaving brush with unscrewable head, in imitation "White High Mountain" fibre, with olive wood and chrome finish.


This superb shaving brush majestically combines the brown veins of olive wood with a chrome finish, to offer you an exceptional shaving accessory where each piece of wood has a unique design. They are all oiled and varnished to ensure a pleasant grip, better resistance to water and preservation of the handle over the years. 

Olive wood is a species native to the Mediterranean region, particularly dense and robust, renowned for its immortality, as well as its medicinal and hygienic properties. This 15 to 20 metre high tree has a very pronounced grain, with a beautiful contrast between the brown tones of the veins and the lighter shades of the sapwood. The olive tree is a very significant wood, which in popular culture symbolises peace, abundance and prosperity. 

Filled with a synthetic fibre imitating "White High Mountain" which can be removed if necessary, this shaving brush offers resistance, hygiene, softness and flexibility to the user. Our synthetic fibre also has an emulsifying power that allows us to obtain a creamy shaving foam. 

Made in France and handmade by our craftsmen, this shaving brush is an ideal gift for sensitive skin, vegan lifestyle enthusiasts or lovers of wooden objects.  

Advice for use 

1/ With the beard soap: Make subtle circular movements on your soap with a shaving brush previously moistened with warm water, taking care not to damage it. As soon as you obtain a creamy lather, repeat the gesture but this time on your wet face, for 1 to 2 minutes. The aim is to apply the foam while stimulating your skin, in order to soften and straighten the hair of your beard and thus facilitate the shaving stage.

2/ With the shaving cream: Place a dab of cream on the bristles of the shaving brush subtly moistened with warm water, in a shaving bowl or directly on each cheek previously wet. Then spread the cream in circular movements for 1 to 2 minutes. This prepares your skin and creates an emulsifying reaction that gives you a highly moisturizing protective foam. 


After each use, please rinse your shaving brush with warm water to remove any traces of cream or soap. Squeeze the hairs between your fingers before rubbing them gently on a clean, dry towel to remove any remaining moisture. Finally, store it upside down on its stand. 

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