Thuja and chrome finish Shaving Brush - "High White Mountain" Fibre  - Joris - Plisson 1808

Thuja and chrome finish Shaving Brush - "High White Mountain" Fibre - Joris

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Sumptuous shaving brush in Thuja wood and chrome finish, with a removable tuft in imitation "High White Mountain" fibre. 


This superb shaving brush perfectly combines the light brown colour of the precious Thuja wood with the slightly bluish reflections of the chrome finish. Each slice of wood used has a unique design, which makes your shaving brush an exceptional piece in its own right, ensuring a precise and pleasant grip that you can keep for a lifetime. This shaving brush is lined with a removable "High White Mountain" synthetic fibre, which mimics the softness and suppleness of the best of our natural shaving brushes. This fibre is resistant, hygienic and has an emulsifying power that allows for a creamy shaving foam. 

Made in France and handmade by our craftsmen, this shaving brush is perfectly suited to sensitive skin and the vegan lifestyle. It is the ideal shaving accessory for those who want a beautiful and ecological shaving brush. 

Tips for use 

1/ With the shaving soap: After having slightly moistened your shaving brush with warm water, make subtle circular movements on the soap placed at the bottom of the bowl. Repeat the gesture until you obtain a sufficiently creamy lather, taking care not to damage the shaving brush during this step. Then apply the foam to your wet skin, still using circular movements for 1 to 2 minutes. This will stimulate your skin, soften and straighten your beard hair to make shaving easier.

2/ With shaving cream: On a wet face and with a shaving brush subtly moistened with warm water, you can, according to preference, place a dab of cream on the bristles of the shaving brush, in a shaving bowl or directly on each cheek and then proceed to spread it, using circular movements. On contact with the cream, an emulsifying reaction will automatically take place, creating a tender foam, less important than that of the beard soap but just as effective. The cream is more moisturizing than soap and provides a good layer of protection for your skin. 


Rinse your shaving brush with warm water after each use to remove any traces of cream or soap. Wring out the bristles between your fingers and then gently rub them on a clean, dry towel to remove any moisture. You can then store your shaving brush on your stand, preferably upside down to help remove any remaining moisture.  


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