Handbag brush
Handbag brush
Handbag brush
Handbag brush
Handbag brush

Handbag brush

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Pneumatic hair brush for the bag, with its storage pouch. Set up on a natural rubber cushion. Pure boar antistatic bristles. Bubinga wood handle, 100% natural. Length 13 cm. Handcrafted in France. This model is also available in a larger format.

Pneumatic hair brush with antistatic properties and real boar bristles mounted on a wooden frame of Bubinga. The air cushion is made of natural rubber, allowing the brush to fit the shape of your head and constantly adjust the pressure exerted on your hair and scalp for a gentle brushing. The antistatic boar bristles remove impurities and the excess of natural fat from the hair. The brush is made only with the hair roots, which are firm and contribute to good circulation of your scalp, for healthy and shiny hair. The small size and the storage pouch make it easy to find a place in your bag or travel kit. Made in France with 100% natural ingredients.

Customize the size and type of hairbrush according to the texture and character of your hair: wider and flat brushes are suitable for long, medium long or thick hair, while the smaller diameter brushes are more preferable for finer and short hair. Avoid using a brush on wet hair – it is more fragile and easier to break. To gently disentangle your hair, always start at the points of the hair and work backwards up the hair towards the root. This reduces damage and tearing to the hair.

Remove gently with a comb the hair stuck between the pins. Regularly wash your brush in hot water with a few drops of shampoo, by gently rubbing against the palm of your hand. Rinse with clean water and then shake gently and dry with a towel. In general, do not soak your brush with the wooden handle in the water.

Depending on the availability and once your order prepared, delivery, provided by Colissimo, will take on average between 2 and 5 working days, depending on the delivery address. A tracking number of transport "Coliposte" will be sent on your e-mail address.

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