Shaving Brush Gold Finish Horn Fibres - Plisson 1808

Horn and gold finish & High Mountain white fibre shaving brush


Discover our luxurious shaving brush with horn handle and gold finish from the Joris collection. It has a removable head with "Blanc de Haute Montagne" hair, ideal for the most delicate skin. The head is only available in size 12, the ideal size for daily shaving. You can match this shaving brush with a razor and a holder to form a stylish shaving set.


This shaving brush features a natural horn handle, which allows for unique designs and offers unmatched durability over time. Finished in 24-carat gold, it is a remarkable classic. The head of the brush is removable and is filled with a tuft of High Mountain White fibre. This high-tech fibre reproduces the characteristics of the pure white Haute de Montagne shaving brush and is the most suitable for sensitive skin. The size of the tuft is the standard size (T12) perfectly adapted for daily shaving. All our products are made and assembled in France by craftsmen with unique know-how. This shaving brush is delivered in an elegant packaging.

Tips for use 

The ideal time to shave is just after a shower when the skin is moist and supple. After having moistened the area to be shaved and the shaving brush: 

With soap: create a creamy lather using circular motions, but be careful not to crush the bristles of the shaving brush. Distribute the foam evenly over the area to be shaved using circular movements to straighten and soften the hair, making it easier to shave later on. 

With cream: Apply the cream to the wet shaving brush and emulsify in circular motions with the shaving brush over the entire area to be shaved. Some users apply the cream directly to their skin, as you wish. 


The secret to the longevity of your shaving brush lies in its care. Simply rinse it with water to remove any foam residue and then gently wring it out in a towel. Then leave it to dry on a suitable rack with the head down. 

Product Details

Plisson Fiber
"High Mountain White" Fibre
Or 24 carats
Type de produit
Shaving brushes

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