Solid Hexagonal Safety Razor with...
Solid Hexagonal Safety Razor with...

Solid Hexagonal Safety Razor with Ruthenium finish

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Hexagonal razor in solid brass with Ruthenium finish.

Safety head with an open-comb for en efficient shave or closed comb for more safety.

Razor blades
  • Safety - Open Comb
  • Safety - Closed Comb

This relatively heavy part (solid brass) is equipped with a Safety head.

Ruthenium, from the platinum family, is a metal that is particularly resistant to corrosion and does not tarnish over time. Simply wipe it clean to remove any traces of water and your razor will regain its original shine.

Replacement blades are available in stores.

Instructions for use

The best moment to shave is in the morning, just after a shower and before breakfast: your hair, consisting mainly of keratin, are softer and easier to cut, and the skin of your face less fragile. Prepare your shaving foam by loading the brush with soap or shaving cream. Use of products called " shaving preparation " is twofold: it boosts hydration of the hair by removing its fat layer (sebum) and secondly, protects your skin from the aggression of the blade.

Apply the lather to your wet face in a circular motion to straighten the hair. Shave in the direction of hair growth, limiting the number of passes of the blade, to prevent irritation. If you wish to make a second pass, re-lather and shave your face, this time in the opposite direction of hair growth. Rinse your face with cool water and apply aftershave balm to soothe and rehydrate the skin. The day can begin!


Check the cutting blade in your razor before each shaving and replace it if dull. After shaving, clean the razor with warm water to remove hair and other residues (shaving cream, soap, etc..), to prevent bacterial growth on the blades. Perfectly clean, the blade will maintain its cutting efficiency much longer, giving you a pleasant shave.


Depending on the availability and once your order prepared, delivery, provided by Colissimo, will take on average between 2 and 5 working days, depending on the delivery address. A tracking number of transport "Coliposte" will be sent on your e-mail address.

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