What are the essential tips for a beautiful beard?

Having a beautiful beard requires patience and care. Find out how our products and accessories can help you maintain your beard.

An elegant, well-groomed beard has become a must for many men. So whether you're an experienced bearded man or you're looking for advice on how to grow a soft beard, we've got some tips for you. 

Having a beautiful, well-groomed beard requires regular attention and the right care for your beard and skin style to keep it healthy.

In this article, we'll give you our essential tips for maintaining your beard.

1) How to take care of your beard?

One of the first steps in caring for your beard is to let it grow. Let your beard grow for a few weeks to make it denser. This step will help you achieve a beautiful beard without holes. It's important to be patient, as beards can take a long time to grow evenly. 

What's more, as with your skin and hair, it's best to have a care routine. Even if it's short, taking 5 minutes every day to care for your beard will help it grow and stay shiny and soft. It will also prevent your skin and hair from itching and drying out.

2) What are the essential care products for a beautiful beard?

Men's Beard Scrub:

Once or twice a week, a beard scrub removes dead skin and deep cleanses your beard. Plisson Energizing Scrub contains mineral-rich volcanic silica to gently purify and exfoliate.

3-in-1 Shower Gel for daily beard care

Plisson Body, Hair and Beard Shower Gel cleanses effectively, while Ginseng stimulates your skin. This all-in-one product is designed to care for both skin and hair, making it the ideal beard cleanser for daily use in the shower.

Beard Oil to soften : 

To moisturize your beard on a daily basis, we recommend Plisson beard oil. It not only moisturizes and nourishes the hair, but also the skin underneath. Like the rest of the skin on your face, this area needs to be moisturized or it can become dry. 

Regular application of beard oil helps prevent dryness and discomfort.

Our Beard Oil is enriched with natural vitamin E and no less than 6 oils to nourish, soften and add shine to your beard. It's made with 99% natural ingredients, manufactured in France and rated 100/100 on Yuka.

We recommend applying the oil in the evening to moisturize and nourish your beard and skin overnight.

3) How to maintain your beard :

    • Trim and brush your beard

      Our Beard and Moustache Kit allows you to trim and comb your beard. So you can maintain your beard or moustache by adjusting its length or refining the details. Brushing helps to discipline your beard, and brushing your beard regularly detangles the hairs, helps the sebum to spread along the hairs to give them a natural shine, and helps to remove dead skin/hair.

      Brushing your beard also makes it soft. It's this last step that helps reduce and calm itching.

        • Maintaining beard contours

          Use shaving cream with a shavette to maintain the contours of your beard while respecting your skin. Equipped with a sharp blade, the shavette allows you to be precise and shave the contours of the beard on your cheeks and neck.

          You can also maintain your beard with a trimmer, which is quicker, but dries out the skin. You'll need to moisturize with soothing aftershave balm or moisturizing fluid.

          4) What not to do for a beautiful beard :

          Avoid over-washing your skin, as this will remove the natural oils that nourish your hair. This makes them dry and brittle. As with your hair, it's not essential to wash your beard every day. 1 to 3 times a week is enough. 

          We also advise you to avoid over-drying: dab your beard lightly without rubbing, to avoid damaging your hair. 

          It's also advisable to avoid using products that are too aggressive, so as not to irritate your skin and dry out your hair. Opt for natural products with a clear composition, and as short as possible. 

          Finally, excessive handling of your beard can lead to hair breakage and skin irritation.

          In conclusion, taking care of your beard should be part of your daily routine, and requires the use of products adapted to your skin and hair if you want to keep your skin moisturized and your beard soft. 

          Whether you want to keep a long beard or a 3-day beard, the basics remain the same. You need to clean, moisturize, brush and trim. 

          It's important not to neglect moisturizing the skin under your beard - healthy skin is the key to a healthy beard and hair. So take as much care of your face as you do of your beard. 

          Don't hesitate to invest in quality products, such as natural beard oils and shaving creams. Your beard will thank you.