Original gift idea for men: shaving kit

For some time now, wearing a beard has become a fashion trend again. Indeed, more and more men are wearing beards or mustaches and are maintaining them with care. That's why Plisson 1808 offers you different shaving kits with various accessories and maintenance products. These kits will be an original gift idea to give to someone you appreciate or to yourself.

Give a shaving kit for men: an original idea

For a man who wants to take care of his beard, a Plisson 1808 shaving kit is a must-have to optimize his shaving routine. If this is a man with a preference for traditional shaving, then these kits are perfectly suited. There are also kits for every level of knowledge and experience. 

Some are for beginners, others are for experienced men who are looking to improve their shaving skills. A shaving kit is a great gift idea, to give a friend or family member a pleasant shaving routine.

Quality accessories

Very complete, the kits are generally composed of various essential accessories:

  • A manual razor, made in France with noble materials. Adapted to most tastes, these razors are chosen for their quality, their aestheticism and their durability.
  • A shaving brush, handmade in France. Using a shaving brush to shave is a very pleasant old practice.
  • shaving brush holder, which can also potentially hold a razor to put near your water bowl.
  • shaving bowl, to complete the traditional shaving experience.
  • Natural soaps and care products, made in France and of exceptional quality.

A kit adapted to each person

Plisson 1808 shaving kits are diverse and perfectly suited to all preferences, all men's needs and all budgets. The pieces in each kit are high quality, aesthetically pleasing, efficient and easy to use. 

The softness of the shaving brushes, the beauty of the razors, and the quality of the natural care: everything is done so that everyone can have a pleasant shaving moment. Some kits even offer the possibility to get exceptional pieces, with palladium or gold finishes.

Plisson 1808, l’expert des kits de rasage

The company places the pleasure and well-being of men at the top of its priorities. This is why it designs quality kits and products with fine finishes, and is the reference in shaving. 

The team of professionals selects the raw materials, sculpts them, and carries out the assembly and finishing touches with the utmost care so that the result is absolutely perfect.