How to properly care for your beard?

Having a beautiful, soft and well-groomed beard is every man's dream. The beard represents the essence of the gentleman and is an expression of his personality, as well as being an instrument of charm and seduction.

A dry, dull and brittle beard does not make a good impression, either in a professional context or on a date. A man who takes care of his beard and his person appears to be a well-groomed man. On the other hand, a man with a disheveled or dry beard appears neglected. In the latter case, the problem is often that the man does not know how to maintain his beard soft and neat.

How can you soften your beard and make it beautiful and healthy? Here are some very simple and practical tips to make even the most untameable and rough beard soft.

Wash your beard regularly

It sounds trivial and obvious, but it's not. Every morning, before going to work, you should wash your beard thoroughly. You have to give it the same importance as you do your hair. Just as specific products are used for hair (anti-hair loss shampoos or anti-dandruff shampoos for men's beard care), it is also important to use a mild shampoo.

Using normal soap to wash your beard is a mistake, as it damages the skin. In addition, beards contain many more germs and bacteria than hair. Just think of food residues, hands running from the computer keyboard to the face and air pollution.

All this shows you how a beard, especially a long one, is an ideal place for germs and bacteria to thrive.

Comb your beard and trim the long ends

Immediately after washing, the beard should always be combed or brushed. Again, as with hair, it is essential to have a suitable comb/brush in your beard care kit that you use only for this routine. Find Plisson beard brushes in different sizes to best suit your beard.

After brushing all the hairs in your beard, you will notice that some small hairs or rather beard tips are sticking out and need to be trimmed. You can use a pair of stainless steel scissors or a beard trimmer to cut them off (in this case, a lot of care and dexterity is required).

Applying beard oil

For maximum effectiveness, beard oil for men should be applied immediately after a shower. Simply put the oil on your hands, rub it between your hands and massage it into your beard. The massage should be done well, as it allows the oil to penetrate the beard. Depending on the length of your beard (short, medium or long), adjust the amount of beard oil used.

At Plisson, our beard oil is made from 99% natural ingredients for a naturally groomed beard. 

The use of specific facial and beard care products for men is essential to keep your beard soft and groomed.

Have the essentials in your beard care kit

The beard care and grooming gift set is specially designed to enhance your beard grooming routine; the kit makes it possible to look stylish in any situation.

A beard shaving kit should consist of a beard comb, a small shaving brush for shaving edges, a beard brush, beard scissors, beard soap, hand razor, folding comb and a shaving brush holder.

There are other specific accessories that you can find on our site. 

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