Octogonal Safety Razor - Pink Gold...
Octogonal Safety Razor - Pink Gold...

Octogonal Safety Razor - Pink Gold Finish

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Discover the limited edition safety razor in solid brass and genuine pink gold finish. Available with an open comb for an efficient shave. 

Compatible with standard safety blades.

Made in France.

This beautiful solid brass safety razor features a rose gold finish for a smooth, long-lasting shave. In a limited edition, give yourself or someone else the gift of a unique creation, designed to last like a piece of jewelry. 

This manual razor is heavy to ensure safety during shaving. By using the natural weight of the razor without the need to apply extra pressure, you get the perfect shave without effort. 

Plisson's safety razor models are double-edged for more comfort and a faster shave.

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Noble metals
Razor blades
Safety Razor
Pink gold
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