Two-tone shaving brush and razor holder - Plisson 1808

Brush and razor holder

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A beautiful piece of solid brass with a mixed Palladium and 24 carat gold finish, suitable for shaving brushes from size 10 to size 16 and most Plisson razors.

Made in France, this shaving set will greatly enhance your shaving experience.


This superb solid brass shaving set with a palladium and 24-carat gold finish, holds your shaving accessories with style and makes your daily life much easier.

  • The large hook holds shaving brushes from size 10 to 16 (equivalent to a diameter of 20 to 24 mm), to be hung "head down".
  • The small hook is suitable for the entire range of Plisson shavers.

This holder is the essential accessory to have at home. Stable and discreet, it ensures optimal storage of your shaving accessories, while showing them off to their best advantage.

It is made in France with noble and moisture resistant materials. A sober and elegant design, which testifies to the know-how of our craftsmen. 

Advice for use

Keep the qualities of your beard brush as long as possible by rinsing it after each use, to remove all traces of cream or soap. Pinch the bristles between your fingers and rub them lightly on a towel before storing the brush upside down on a suitable stand.

Check the sharpness of your razor regularly and change the blade if necessary. Always remember to clean the blades with hot water after each use to remove dirt and prevent the growth of bacteria. A well-preserved blade ensures a clean and precise shave.


Wash your stand with soapy water and wipe it with a towel or soft cloth, if necessary.

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