Complete Daily Beard Ritual

Complete Daily Beard Ritual

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A Complete Daily Beard Ritual in 4 steps for clean, moisturised and protected skin and a tamed and disciplined beard.

Cleanse, moisturise and preserve your skin and nourish your beard with our Complete Daily Beard Ritual specially developed for men. It includes: 

  • a 3-in-1 Shower Gel for soft, moisturized, refreshed and stimulated skin
  • an Energizing Facial Scrub that deeply exfoliates and regenerates
  • a Beard Oil to nourish, densify and sculpt your beard
  • a Beard Brush made of boar bristles

Take care of your skin and beard with our Complete Daily Beard Ritual specially developed for the male epidermis. Our products are specifically designed for men and are formulated with natural ingredients. They act in depth and are effective and innovative.


Instructions for use  

Duration: 6 minutes 


Step 1: Apply the Energizing Facial Scrub 

Apply an even layer to the moistened face. Massage gently in circular motions, avoiding the eye area, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. 

Dab the face with a towel without rubbing.

Step 2 : Clean the beard with the 3 in 1 Shower Gel

During your daily shower, apply to hair, body and beard - wet beforehand - then rinse thoroughly. 


Step 3: Apply Beard Oil 

Pour a few drops of oil into the palm of your hands and apply it to your beard, from the roots to the tips. 


Step 4: Brush your beard with your pure boar beard brush

For best results and a disciplined beard, brush your hair with our Plisson beard brush to shape your beard and soften it further.


This ritual can be done in the morning or at night at bedtime.


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Ideal for all skin types

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