Retro Lacquer and palladium finish & High Mountain white fiber shaving brush

Retro Lacquer and palladium finish & High Mountain white fiber shaving brush

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This retro lacquered shaving brush with noble metal finish has a removable head size 12, ideal for daily use. This model combines originality and elegance. Its tuft is composed of a fiber that imitates the natural qualities of the White hair of High Mountain; a hair perfectly adapted to sensitive skins. This exceptional piece will be an ideal gift for traditional shaving enthusiasts. 


Discover our magnificent shaving brush with a vintage and elegant design. This piece has a lacquered handle with tennis stripes and a palladium finish. With a removable head in size 12, this shaving brush is perfect for everyday use. Its tuft filled with fiber High Mountain White, perfectly meets the needs of the most sensitive skins. Indeed, this type of hair is known for its rarity but also for its softness and flexibility. The "barrel" line of the handle ensures an easy grip and safe movements. This shaving brush is made and assembled in France in our Plisson workshops. This piece will be delivered to you in its elegant packaging. 

Instructions for use 

With soap: start by moistening your shaving brush, then emulsify the soap with circular movements until you obtain a light, creamy lather. Spread this foam evenly over the entire surface to be shaved, which has been moistened beforehand. Using a shaving brush will exfoliate the skin and distribute the shaving product from the root of the hair, which will make shaving much easier. 

With cream: moisten your shaving brush and the shaving surface, then apply the cream to your skin or directly to the shaving brush and, using small circular movements, spread the cream evenly over the entire surface.


The care of your shaving brush is very important and will help you keep it for many years. After each use, rinse the bristles of your shaving brush with clear water and then gently wring out the bristles without crushing them in a towel. Then leave it to dry head down on a suitable rack. 

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