Octagonal Shaving Brush 3 finishes High Mountain White fibre - Plisson 1808

Shaving Brush Octagonal 'High Mountain White' Fibre - 3 finishes

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Beautiful Octogonal shaving brush available in Palladium, Gold or two-tone finish. The 'High Mountain White' fibre trim is known for its exceptional softness and unprecedented durability. This type of pile is ideal for sensitive skin.

Handcrafted in France, with a removable screw-on tuft that allows the handle to last for years. Available in size 12, our standard size, ideal for everyday use. 

  • Palladium
  • Gold
  • Palladium and Gold


A wonderful shaving brush from the Octogonal collection, available in Palladium, Gold or two-tone finish and fitted with a removable tuft of 'White High Mountain' fibre, which is inspired by the main characteristics of the best shaving brush. It is a synthetic fibre, resistant and hygienic, in line with the vegan lifestyle and perfectly adapted to sensitive skin. It is exceptionally soft and supple, and has an emulsifying power that allows you to obtain a creamy lather.  

This collection has a symbolic dimension, which testifies to Plisson's innovative know-how: a sumptuous alliance of noble materials, an original design, offering an exceptional, safe and pleasant grip. This model is also equipped with a special feature that allows you to keep the handle for years, and thus take advantage of the finesse and originality of its lines. The tuft is removable and can be changed when worn, with the trim you wish. 

Made in the Plisson workshops in France and assembled by hand, it is delivered to you in its elegant packaging, Plisson colour. You can also match it with a razor that matches its design.

Advice for use

1/ With the beard soap: On a wet face (ideally after a shower), apply the thick, creamy foam obtained from the emulsion with the beard soap with a shaving brush moistened with warm water. Apply it in circular movements for one or two minutes, just long enough to prepare the skin, soften and straighten the hair of your beard.

2/ With shaving cream: Once your face is prepared and the shaving brush is moistened with warm water, place a dab of cream on the top of the brush and soap the face for one or two minutes as described above. Some users prefer to apply a trace of cream directly with the tube to each cheek and then emulsify it with the brush.


To maintain the quality of your beard brush for years to come, we recommend rinsing it well after each use to remove any traces of cream or soap, and draining it well to avoid the proliferation of bacteria. Rub the bristles lightly on a bath towel before storing the brush upside down on a suitable stand.

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