Our shaving tips for women

Women's skin is thinner and the areas to be shaved are larger than men's, making the shaving experience completely different for each gender. So here are our tips for a perfect and smooth shave.

Shaving has long been an activity reserved for men, which women did not consider useful because the Victorian dressing style (1837-1901) did not allow them to reveal their bodies. Female hair was considered unimportant. It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that a change in morals and clothing styles, as well as the rise in popularity of American pin-ups, encouraged women to shave.

Today, shaving is no longer a ritual reserved for men and many women use this method to remove body hair.

A proper preparation of the skin

As a wet shaving specialist, Plisson firmly believes that the key to a perfect shave is to prepare the skin properly. 

The best time to shave the body is after a hot shower, to relax the skin and open the pores. This step is essential to ensure a good shave and to limit the risk of irritation, as it makes the hair more tender and supple. Just like preparing the face with a shaving brush, it is highly recommended to exfoliate the areas you wish to shave to get rid of dead skins and avoid ingrown hairs. It's a good idea to choose a gentle, natural scrub that doesn't irritate your skin but gently stimulates it.

Before shaving, you should of course apply a protective layer to the skin. Some people use body soap or shaving foam, but at Plisson we recommend our natural shaving cream. It can be applied easily by hand and offers a better view of the shaving areas than traditional foam. In addition, its creamy texture allows the blade to glide perfectly over the skin and provides a more complete protection than a soap. 

To be noted: exfoliation should be done before shaving, not after. Choose a gentle scrub to avoid irritating your skin. Our scrub contains volcanic silica, rich in minerals, to gently and naturally exfoliate while restoring the skin's radiance.

Shaving the body with a safety razor

The safety razor is a product that is becoming increasingly popular with women, as it is suitable for all types of needs: face, legs, underarms and bikini line. 

Ideal for sensitive skin because it has a single blade, this model can remove a large area of hair in one stroke, offering a highly effective, precise and quick shave, for a result that is always optimal. It leaves the skin much smoother than a conventional razor and considerably reduces the risk of ingrown hairs or irritation.

Delicacy and patience are essential for a good shave, especially if you are not used to this model. It's heavier than a conventional razor and has a sharper blade, so it is important to take your time getting used to it. Don't apply extra pressure when shaving and let the weight of your razor do the work. 

For best results, we recommend positioning the razor at a 30° angle to the skin, which will allow the blade to glide smoothly over the skin and cut the hair directly at the root. 

You can choose between two shaving methods: in the direction of the hair to avoid irritation, especially on the most sensitive areas such as the bikini line, or in the opposite direction to the hair growth, to obtain a cleaner result and unequalled smoothness. 

For the legs, remember to always make linear movements starting from the ankles. However, proceed very gently and don't hesitate to make small gestures on bony areas, especially ankles, shins and knees, which are more delicate to shave.

For the armpits, hold your arm up, bend it and pull your skin taut with your hand so that you have a smooth, easy-to-shave surface. You can do the same with the bikini area to ensure a safe shave.

The blade tends to get damaged more quickly when using a body shaver. It is therefore important to change the blade regularly to avoid cuts, to have a more efficient shave and to obtain more smoothness.

Discover our safety razor with a genuine rose gold finish, made to last a lifetime. It will make your intimate moments exceptional and bring a subtle decorative touch to your home.

The alternative for beginners

For women in a hurry or those just starting out, the ideal ally is a razor with a Mach3 system, such as the shaver in Rose Gold finish (limited edition). Easy to handle, reliable and precise, it makes it easy to shave the most difficult areas, such as the ankles or the bikini line. The shaving sensation is pleasant, and as with any conventional razor, the blade must be rinsed frequently to continue. 

Our Mach3 razors are much heavier than supermarket razors. This is a guarantee of quality that we offer you. The weight of the razor makes shaving efficient because you won't feel the need to apply any additional pressure on the skin, which will result in a safer shave than with a conventional razor. 

After shaving: how to soothe your skin

It's important to moisturize your skin after shaving to regenerate cells, soothe irritation and prevent redness. So don't hesitate to steal a little Plisson aftershave balm from your companion. Its natural formula, which combines Wild Pansy, Houseleek, Aloe Vera and Prickly Pear Seed, is particularly recommended as it soothes and prevents irritation. This balm is ideal for particularly sensitive skin as it provides a natural and deep care.

If you feel tightness after shaving, gently wash again with soap the areas you have just shaved again and do not wear tight clothes, which would create friction and increase the risk of irritation. 

You now have all the tools you need to achieve a good shave.