What kind of care should I use to prepare for my shave?

Our Plisson brand has been an expert in the field of shaving since 1808. This long experience has enabled us to design high quality, effective and above all qualitative products. Your satisfaction and the care of your skin being our priorities, we constantly strive to offer high-performance shaving elements adapted to each type of beard and to all skin sensitivities. Our site will let you discover each of our products with their detailed description.

Our products: beard care for men

As shaving concerns the vast majority of men, we have designed products adapted for all, ensuring softness and care. Since a bad shave can easily lead to injuries, irritation or dry skin, we have optimised our natural products as well as our accessories and razors. By choosing to trust us, you ensure your beard and your face the best possible care at a very good price.

We offer several models of razors, including safety razors, barber razors, hair clippers and finishing razors. All of them have efficient blades, which promise you a long-lasting shave. The ergonomic shape of the razors we offer allows them to glide smoothly over your skin and adapt to your body type.

This essential accessory is made of natural badger hair. Their softness and suppleness will allow you to apply different treatments to your skin. Using the shaving brush when applying a shaving cream will create a thick lather and protect your skin as it deserves.

We offer a range of natural skin care products to moisturise and protect your skin during the shaving process. These products are essential, especially if you shave very regularly or even daily.

In addition to shaving brushes, natural care products and razors, our site presents its shaving sets and accessories. These items are perfect for achieving a precise, quality shave, always respecting your skin. You will find all the necessary accessories in a shaving set.

Tips and tricks for a good shave

To take care of your beard and your skin, without risking damage to either, a few steps are essential. First, we recommend using a natural moisturiser to nourish your skin and prepare it for shaving. Next, the use of a quality razor and a cream, which acts like a shaving gel, or shaving soap is essential. 

Use your shaving brush to thicken the cream or soap to avoid irritation. Once you've finished shaving, there's an extra tip to finish your shave and leave your skin feeling soft and healthy: apply a beard balm, which is an after-shave cream, or a moisturiser. If you don't shave your whole face, using a beard oil will make your hair softer and more supple.