Chic and trendy Christmas gift: the shaving brush

The shaving brush was first used in the 19th century and is a bathroom essential. At the time, men used them to maintain their beards and moustaches. But over the centuries, wet shaving fell into disuse. It was not until the return of barbers and the advent of vintage that the 21st century saw the shaving brush regain its popularity. 

Nowadays, the beard is considered an essential part of the male aesthetic. For men who care about their appearance, caring for their beard is a priority. In this context, it is important to rely on the best tools to groom your beard and your skin. Are you looking for a chic gift for the Christmas season? Here is why you should be using a traditional shaving brush.

How to use a shaving brush?

Nowadays, many men regularly use a shaving brush. But why is it so popular? This tool has some serious advantages (aesthetic, practical, etc.). A shaving brush is made of two parts, it has a handle and a brush attached to it. 

Traditionally, the brush is made of genuine badger hair. The choice of badger hair is not insignificant. Badger bristles are known to retain water. The contact between the moistened bristles and the shaving soap gives your preparation a creamy, compact texture. 

In addition, the bristles of the shaving brush soften your beard, making your shave more precise and comfortable. No more cuts or irritations with a shaving brush! A little tip: don't forget to moisturise your skin and use an after-shave balm (beard oil, etc.), whether after your shave or on a daily basis.

How to choose the right shaving brush?

Plisson is a reference in shaving brushes, renowned worldwide, and has been accompanying men for over two centuries. Aware of the specific needs of each individual, the brand offers an extensive range. In its catalog, it presents about a hundred models of shaving brushes. You can choose your shaving brush according to three main criteria: the handle, the suppleness of the hair and the size. Each model is designed with elegance and high standards. Whether you want a shaving brush made of rosewood or olive wood, you get a product with unique characteristics. Plisson relies mainly on badger hair. However, the catalog also includes models with our synthetic fibre. Each creation is designed to meet the needs and budget of each customer.

The shaving brush: the ideal gift?

Today, men are concerned about their well-being. The once unfashionable shaving brush is part of this strategy. In addition to offering aesthetic and practical benefits, the shaving brush is a durable accessory. So this Christmas, opt for a shaving brush and its after-shave cream. You are sure to acquire a traditional object that is both refined, chic and trendy.