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How to choose a shaving brush?

The shaving brush is an indispensable shaving accessory for men who like both tradition and precision. When used with beard soap or shaving cream, it has the advantage of creating a dense lather. As a result, the skin is better protected from the razor's edge, while the hair is softened, for a pleasant and comfortable shave. Plisson 1808 gives you some advice to help you choose yours.

Natural or synthetic shaving brush?

The choice of one trim over the other is primarily a matter of budget and personal conviction. Synthetic shaving brushes are, unsurprisingly, more affordable in terms of price. They are also free of animal materials, making them a great accessory for vegan men. Natural shaving brushes, on the other hand, have the ability to hold a large amount of water, which allows you to get a thick, consistent lather more quickly.

To meet the needs of each man, Plisson 1808 has chosen to develop both. The watchwords are authenticity and quality. Unlike some commercial products - sometimes made from boar hair or horse hair - all our natural brushes are made from real badger hair, which is softer and more adapted to the needs of the skin. Our synthetic brushes have the look and technical characteristics of badger hair. This is achieved through a high-tech manufacturing method and long and rigorous development. 

Why choose a 100% natural shaving brush made in France?

A shaving brush that has not travelled around the world before ending up in your bathroom is an ecological reflex applicable to all our everyday products. But in addition to reducing your carbon footprint, buying a shaving brush made in France highlights local know-how. What could be more rewarding? 

Next, if the trim of your shaving brush is a criterion of choice, so is the frame (or handle). Here and there, you will find different qualities of materials that are more or less respectful of the planet. At Plisson 1808, we advocate noble and durable materials. Wooden or horn for a traditional touch, nickel-plated copper for a metallic look, with a gold finish for a precious touch, two materials to bring a touch of modernity to your beauty rituals... You are spoilt for choice.

What size shaving brush should I choose?

In terms of size, shaving brushes come in a wide range. The smaller ones allow for a more precise application of the foam. They are therefore suitable for shaving the contours and/or the most difficult to reach areas (under the nose, ears, etc.). The larger ones make it easier to obtain a generous lather and allow for a larger application area in one go. 

Plisson 1808 is the manufacturer that has developed the most shaving brush sizes. No matter what his requirements are, every man will find the model that suits him best. In our catalogue you will find 7 different sizes (for clarity, we indicate the corresponding diameters in mm):

  • 8 (D : 17) ; 
  • 10 (D : 20) ;
  • 12 (D : 22) ;
  • 14 (D : 22) ;
  • 16 (D : 24) ;
  • 18 (D : 26) ;
  • 20 (D : 28).

There is also a size 6 which corresponds to our travel shaving brushes, specially designed to be taken everywhere without getting damaged.

Comfortable to use and durable... a Plisson 1808 shaving brush is the right choice. Original, Odyssée, Boule, Joris... Which of our collections will meet your expectations? To complete your purchase, discover our collection of beard soaps and razors!