Which kind of razor is made for you?

For a long time, men had to shave directly with a blade like a straight razor blade. Today, there are many different types of razors and blades available. Let's go over the different types and their advantages to help you decide which one is the best for you.

Gillette® Mach3®

It's the world's best-selling shaving system. The head features three sharpened blades and a lubricating strip for a comfortable shave. It's a classic choice, perfect for the indecisive. These blades are available in all stores.

Gillette® FUSION™

This head features five blades, each with a slight offset for a smooth, close shave. A finishing blade is placed at the back for hard-to-reach hairs. It is is the safest, most precise, easy-to-grip razor. Perfect for men who like comfort and touching up their beard contours. These blades are available in all stores.


The Plisson safety razor is an open-comb razor. It is a shaving method that favours direct blade contact, with the open comb preventing foam and cut hair from depositing on the cutting edge. It is the most ecological and economical method. It requires a little practice before achieving a particularly effective shave. These blades are available in all stores.

Plisson Blade

Perfect for beginners, the Plisson razor has 3 blades with a platinum-coated cutting edge and a lubricating strip impregnated with vitamin E and aloe vera. It prevents irritation and limits redness and cuts. These blades are available in packs of 8 online.

Straight Razor

Recommended for professionals or insiders, the sharp blade of the straight razor allows for a high quality and precise shave. The sharp blade requires specific maintenance and a great deal of practice. It is a very beautiful object to offer to connoisseurs and men sensitive to the charms of the past.

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