Opt for a trendy gift: a shaving brush

Since 1808, Plisson shaving brushes have been helping men sculpt their beards with precision or achieve the perfect clean shave. Whether made of natural hair or synthetic fibres, a shaving brush is a must-have in any gentleman's grooming kit. Show someone you appreciate their sense of style by giving them a shaving brush set.

What is a shaving brush?

There was a time when barber shops were their own ecosystems. Once you walked in the door, nothing mattered. Sitting in the barber's chair, men waited patiently for someone to take care of them.

A true maestro of male ​pilosity , the barber would then delicately approach a shaving brush holder. To make the suspense last, he pretended to hesitate between the different shaving brushes present. And then, under the captivated gaze of his audience, he would grab the shaving brush to shave his clients properly. The wellness ritual could begin.

Even today, it is this spirit of dandy chic and anchored in its time that guides the design of Plisson shaving brushes.

Also known as a barber brush, a shaving brush is a small round brush that is used to apply shaving cream or lather. And no, it's far from a fancy accessory. There's a reason why every gentleman in the 1800s and 1900s owned a shaving brush set. Try to guess what it is…

Why use a shaving brush for shaving?

Every man will tell you that the secret to a good shave is the ability of the blades to glide over the skin without hurting it. The primary objective of a shaving brush is to produce a creamy, airy shave that feels silky smooth. At the same time, a Plisson shaving brush minimizes the risk of razor cuts and provides a sophisticated finish.

Thanks to the arrangement of the bristles of its brush, a shaving brush will eliminate the dead cells that cover the skin. With the hands, it is simply impossible to achieve such a feat. At the same time, the layout of its fibers allows the lather (or cream) to wrap around the root of the hair and lift it up.

For men, this means only one thing: applying a lubricating product with a Plisson shaving brush helps avoid cutting yourself while shaving. This is especially true if you lather the soap or cream with the shaving brush before applying it. By doing so, the lather becomes more airy and therefore easier to apply.

In a few days, a man you care about will be wearing your hair. Show him your affection in the most beautiful way, by giving him a shaving brush set. Without a doubt, he will be moved by this unique and extremely practical gift.