Men's shaving: all the essentials for a good shave

Men's shaving can sometimes be a chore and hard on the skin if not done properly. But with the right equipment, you can make it part of a pleasurable routine that will make you enjoy shaving. Discover with us the essentials for a good shave. 

Equipment for a good shave

The shaving brush

The shaving brush may seem old-fashioned, but it has been brought up to date with exceptional materials. Moreover, the usefulness of the shaving brush has been proven. 

Its primary function is to spread the beard soap correctly, producing a dense and pleasant lather. Its second function is to help clean your skin. Indeed, depending on the type of hair, it can have a scrubbing effect. Finally, the shaving brush will make the hair more flexible and straighten it. This will give you a more comfortable shave.

The safety razor

The safety razor is a manual razor ideal for traditional shaving. With a single blade, it is more precise and safer than straight razors. It's also environmentally friendly, because like all Plisson razors, when properly cared for, it will last you a lifetime. Only the stainless steel blades need to be changed, and they are very easy to find.

The safety razor is very handy. It will allow you to contour your beard and shave all parts of your body. It will, however, require preparation of the skin to fully enjoy its benefits. 

Traditional shaving products

Shaving soap

Beard soap is an essential. Suitable for traditional shaving, it has the advantage of being long-lasting and economical and serves to prepare the hair as well as to facilitate the passage of the razor over the skin.

Be careful, however, to choose a soap that is clearly identified as shaving soap. Toilet soaps are not at all suitable for this purpose and the risk of irritation or redness is very real.

After shave

The aftershave stage is all too often neglected. However, it is important for the continuity of your routine. For small cuts, alum stone is the ideal remedy. 

The aftershave has several actions. It will start by soothing the "razor burn". This heating sensation caused by the passage of the blade. We offer them in the form of balms that are easy to apply. 

You can also choose our moisturising fluid to complete your ritual, which will restore your skin's natural comfort. 

Traditional shaving is a real beauty routine that is fun to do. With a little experience, you can personalise the steps. Add pre-shave oil, for example. For beginners, you can find ready-made shaving kits. They contain everything you need to get started. The Plisson badger sets are perfect for beginners.