Prestige set lacquered and shagreen - pearly grey
Prestige set lacquered and shagreen - pearly grey
Prestige set lacquered and shagreen - pearly grey
Prestige set lacquered and shagreen - pearly grey
Prestige set lacquered and shagreen - pearly grey
Prestige set lacquered and shagreen - pearly grey

Prestige set lacquered and shagreen - pearly grey


Gift box with shaving set in lacquer and brass with a palladium finish, consisting of 3 elements: the razor, the shaving brush and the matching set. Perfect as a gift. 

Made in France.


3-piece shaving set. Combination of lacquer, shagreen and shiny palladium. The set includes : 

- a razor with the Gillette Fusion head

- a matching badger in size 12 from the Joris collection, with a removable tuft of pure European grey badger hair.

- These two elements are beautifully highlighted on a solid brass Palladium-plated set.

Pure European Grey is a good quality hair, supple and allowing a very precise shave. 


Instructions for use

The best moment to shave is in the morning, just after a shower and before breakfast: your hair, consisting mainly of keratin, is softer and easier to cut, and the skin of your face less fragile. Prepare your shaving foam by loading the brush with soap or shaving cream. Using products that prepare your skin for shaving has a dual purpose: on the one hand, it amplifies the hydration of the hair by removing its greasy layer (sebum), and on the other hand, it protects the skin from the aggression of the blade.

1 / With shaving soap: Your face is wet beforehand (ideally after a shower), quickly place your brush under warm water and lather the soap inside the bowl (without crushing the hair) until obtaining a thick and creamy lather. Apply to the face in a circular motion for one or two minutes to soften and lift up your beard hair sufficiently.
2 / With shaving cream: Once your face is prepared and the shaving brush is moistened with warm water, put a small amount of cream on top of the brush and lather the face for one to two minutes as described above. Some users prefer to directly apply a trace of cream on each cheek with the tube, then emulsify it with the brush.

Apply the lather to your wet face in circular motions to straighten the hair. Shave in the direction of the hair, limiting the number of times the blade passes, to avoid irritation. If you wish to make a second pass, lather your face with soap or cream once again and shave, this time in the opposite direction of the hair. Rinse your face with cold water and apply an after-shave balm to soothe and rehydrate the skin. The day can begin!


To maintain the quality of your shaving brush for many years, we recommend rinsing it well after each use to remove all traces of cream or soap and then to drain it. Then rub it gently on a towel before putting it upside down on a suitable stand.

Check the cutting blade in your razor before each shaving and replace it if dull. After shaving, clean the razor with warm water to remove hair and other residues (shaving cream, soap, etc..), to prevent bacterial growth on the blades. Perfectly clean, the blade will maintain its cutting efficiency much longer, giving you a pleasant shave.


Depending on the availability and once your order prepared, delivery, provided by Colissimo, will take on average between 2 and 5 working days, depending on the delivery address. A tracking number of transport "Coliposte" will be sent on your e-mail address.

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